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An empire shattered by conflict. Sisters torn apart by war and betrayal...

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The horrors of WW2 echo down the decades, inspiring an epic journey to uncover devastating family secrets.

I have read all of this authors books, and enjoyed them all. However I think this is her best yet. I couldn't wait to find out what had happened to Betty all those years ago, and the tale was both harrowing and inspiring too. Five Stars - Amazon Reviewer

This was an engrossing read. I love how Ann Bennett crafts a story. Highly recommended. Five stars - Amazon reviewer

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 Heartbreaking historical fiction: Five Stars

Wow, What can I say, except another very well researched and harrowing portrayal of WW2 in the Far East. Amazon Reviewer

Love and sacrifice in 20th Century Burma: Five Stars

A captivating story of 20th century love and suffering, well worth reading. Amazon Reviewer

A daughter's promise to her dying father uncovers wartime secrets that cast dark shadows over three generations...

I loved this book and believed in the characters immediately. ... Highly recommended if you like historical fiction set against a backdrop of some diligently researched history. Didn't want it to finish and several hours after reading the last line, its still going round in my head. Great book!

Five Stars - Amazon Reviewer

Another great read: Fantastic read couldn't put it down. I love all the books by this author but this one really was gripping. 

Five Stars - Amazon Reviewer

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Family,loyalty, war, resistance, memories...

Very much enjoyed this holiday read and found it hard to put down. Five Stars: Goodreads Reviewer

A very thought-provoking novel which is well worth reading. Five Stars: Goodreads Reviewer

Determined to settle old scores from the war years, Sirinya returns to her native Thailand, where once she risked everything to help prisoners of war on the Death Railway. But her journey into the past uncovers unexpected truths...


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'A powerful story brilliantly told. Five Stars.' Richard Kandler, author of The Prisoner List.
'This outstanding novel is a powerful reminder of what prisoners of the Japanese suffered...'
A woman's quest to uncover the secrets of her WW2 father takes her to Thailand, Penang and the infamous Death Railway.

'A vivid account of a brutal period, and a searing exploration of trauma, memory and loss..' The Lady Magazine.

A woman's world torn apart by secrets and war. will the wounds ever heal?

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I'm excited to announce the launch of my latest novel, The Lake Palace published by Andaman Press in November 2021. The book has already received some great reviews from readers on Amazon and Goodreads, and several of you have been in touch via Facebook to let me know how much you enjoyed it. More details below.

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Amelia soon forms a bond with Reginald’s young son, Arthur, and resumes missionary work in the villages around Ganpur. There, she discovers a pavilion on a lake where the wives of maharajahs once bathed, now abandoned and cloaked in mystery.   

When the Indian independence movement flares in Ganpur and Reginald struggles to contain it, Amelia's world begins to fall apart as she uncovers the shattering truths he has been keeping from her.    

Decades later, when Kate Hamilton inherits a rambling country house from her great aunt Amelia, she returns to the village in Buckinghamshire that she left as a teenager in 1944. Sorting through long-hidden papers, she begins to unearth Amelia’s secrets from her years in British India.


But Kate is harbouring a secret of her own – a devastating betrayal from that last summer of the war. She has lived in the shadow of that day ever since, but Kate is convinced that unlocking the truth about Amelia’s Indian past will hold the key to her own future…    

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 The Lake Palace, an enchanting historical novel set in British India during the Burma Campaign in WWII.

India,1944: Iris Walker, daughter of the British Political Agent in the princely state of Ranipur, is a volunteer nurse, caring for soldiers wounded fighting the Japanese on the border with Burma. One evening the maharajah invites Iris and her parents to a dinner at the Lake Palace, where she meets the enigmatic Edward Stark, a friend of the prince. Edward is dashing, kind and considerate, and the attraction is instantly mutual.

But Edward is en route to a special mission in the Naga Hills, meaning they have only days together before Iris is once again left alone. To distract herself from longing for Edward, Iris volunteers to work in a mobile hospital unit travelling behind the front line of the 14th Army where she sees the horrors of war first hand and realises how precious and precarious life can be.

In 1985, Iris, newly widowed, returns to India on holiday. A visit to the now neglected Lake Palace, brings back bitter memories from the 1940s that Iris cannot now let rest. She embarks on a journey into the Naga Hills to uncover long-buried truths from the war years.

The Lake Palace is the follow-up to The Lake Pavilion, although it can be read as a standalone book.

The Lake Pavilion: a sweeping historical novel; the story of two women connected by devastating secrets from wartime England and British India of the 1930s.

India 1935: Amelia Collins, a missionary’s daughter, left destitute by the death of her parents, leaves their home in the Himalayan foothills to find work in Darjeeling. There she meets District Officer Reginald Holden, a powerful older man, who spirits her away from poverty and prejudice to start a new life as his wife in Ganpur.